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Welcome. Forma srl bought Bassanina

Welcome. Forma srl bought Bassanina

The ovens Bassanina became part of FORMA Srl.

This means both great satisfaction for the goal in itself and positive expectations for the new future opportunities .The manufacturer boasts the widest range of baking tools such as ovens, baking trays, racks and loading belts.

There are important moments happening in life as a result of hard and constant work. The step taken by the organization and its people is undoubtedly one of them. It presents a project of integration with a new pattern; this unitary structure will grant the creation of a manufacturer with a complete equipment for bakery and pastry. FORMA srl boast a strong global experience with unique points of view and know-how. In other words, an open-minded and integrated group, with a vast offer that will ensure a modern processing, by challenging and rewarding.

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