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For Bassanina ovens are synonymous of a number of distinctive elements: unmistakable design, loyalty to the history of the brand and an insatiable quest for aesthetic and technical solutions capable of combining simplicity with the highest innovation and technical standards.

Present and the future of Bassanina do not only mean the development of the in-house high quality manufacturing but also through the pursuit of innovations with performance and features of excellence.

The journey, in its 40 years of history, has established the Bassanina brand worldwide as one of the most important productive expressions in the baking art. Today, Bassanina, holds all the specialized skills, combining Italian Design, know-how and great technical tradition.

Bassanina ovens are identified for their durability, the long service life also with continuous and sustained work cycles, for the level of innovation, perfect distribution of heat and steam in quantity.

Quality and innovation: for over 40 years we identify new technological solutions which offer the best results at affordable prices. This is why we invest in our products and production process rather than in marketing. We aim for the highest standards whilst maximizing the cost/quality ratio in various geographical contexts.

Efficiency and effectiveness have become our watch words; that's what counts for our products. This is the only way to maintain consistency and quality. The road to excellence.


Take great enthusiasm for bread, mix it with in-depth experience in steel processing, then add over twenty year's experience in the design, realization, and production of bread-making equipment. The secret recipe of bassanina's success.

A solid and articulated industrial foundation with advanced production methods offering all our clients high quality products and a fresh, up-to-date test and assistance service. Bassanina. the best bread is served.

From the first stages of research and development, through design and industrialization of products, arriving at production. To complete our customer care, an installation, testing, and after-sales assistance service.


A vision centred on people and rooted in nature - a nature nurtured with great respect. This is the philosophy that has always guided bassanina. A unified vision and an ambitious business model that envisages a harmonious balance between technological development and human resources, between science and nature.

Advanced technology. Unquestionable quality of the materials used. Substantial investments in research, structures, and systems for a complete and dynamic production cycle. Production efficiency guaranteed by the rigorous design of company processes.

The production cycle begins with the arrival of the steel that gives form and body to our machines. Right from the first stages, assessment by skilled staff, an innate vocation for rigour comes into play for the realization of products that aspire towards perfection in every respect.


High quality, attention to customer needs, full respect for ever stricter standards - these are our guiding principles. A well-stocked warehouse with modern organization ensures that materials are available on a daily basis, ready for delivery to customers.

A skilled and adaptable staff are always on hand for new installations, tests, or quick intervention. Every individual part, machined and finished, is carefully assembled to form a unit.

Only in this way can Bassanina's equipment take on its strong personal identity. Even the smallest component has found its place and the work is complete. Entrusted to the care of the warehouse it is ready for delivery.

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